Army PM Biometrics Award

Army PM Biometrics Contract

PVM is pleased to announce the successful award and commencement of the PMO Biometrics support efforts.  Although certain legal actions delayed the originally planned phase-in schedule, those actions have all been cleared and we do not anticipate any further delays in phasing-in the contract effort.  Incumbent personnel should check this webpage regularly for announcements and schedule information.

Presently PVM is working with the government personnel to re-baseline the phase-in schedule to match up with the phase-out schedule of the incumbent contractors and to align with the mission needs of the PMO Biometrics office.  One complicating element of the phase-in we must support the Army with is the pending move of the entire PMO Biometrics office from the Hoffman Building to Ft. Belvoir between now and the end of July.  Additionally, the new contract is not a one-for-one match to a singular incumbent contract but rather the integration of several incumbent contracts with different end dates and staffing profiles.  One governing schedule point that will drive the overall phase-in is the end date of the larger incumbent contract.   We anticipate that all go-forward positions on the new contract with PVM will be filled by that date.  At this time, we anticipate that certain positions will be transferred to PVM between now and the end of the incumbent contract with other being transferred near or at the end of that timeframe.  We are working with PMO Biometric personnel to develop a mutually agreed to schedule of staffing transfers that best meets the need of the government customers.


In the interim, we encourage all incumbent personnel to please reach out to PVM to ensure we have a complete understanding of existing staffing.  There are some important ground rules to our interaction.  First and foremost, we do not want to disrupt ongoing work in progress nor do we want to encourage any inappropriate use of government resources.  Please limit your interactions with PVM to after-hours time periods and utilizing non-government communication and IT resources.

Secondly, please send us your resume, your personal contact information, and a description of your position on the incumbent contract to  PVM has several partner companies that will be performing particular roles on the new contract, however, PVM will be assessing the incumbent staffing, contract requirements of the new contract, and on-going work requirements of the PMO Biometrics office to develop the go-forward overall staff and team structure.

PVM and the entire PVM Team look forward to meeting each of you and encourage you to check in to this site often for updates and changes.

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